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One of the area’s oldest olive groves

on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

Fat Hen Farm

Fat-HenOwners of Fat Hen Farm, Alan and Bronwyn Wood, are passionate about the health benefits that olive oil is shown scientifically to offer. With benefits for the body inside and out, the oil produced at Fat Hen is also used in their skin care products. For the Wood family, moving from Sydney to their rural olive haven in Kilkivan was a decision beneficial for the business, family and health.

Century old farm with eco-friendly practices

on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

Iventure Orchards

Iventure-tractorWhen you stop in for some freshly crushed Apple and Ginger Juice straight off the farm from Iventure Orchards, you’ll immediately know this isn’t just any farm. A family operated business with over five generations invested, their pride is in how they care for their produce, and the environment that surrounds it. Shane Halloran, who owns the farm with his wife, takes pride in the fact that his father practiced water and ground preservation techniques even during his farming days. Their practices ensure that none of their product is wasted, so the savings get passed to both the environment, and the customer. “Waste fruit and vegetable is fed to our own free range pigs, cattle and poultry, so nothing is thrown out,” Shane stated.

Frozen Sunshine offers pleasure for every diet

on Friday, 13 February 2015.

Frozen Sunshine


FrozenSunshine-optimised2Frozen Sunshine, a family run business selling Iceblocks, isn’t just your typical Iceblock stop. All iceblocks are made from only the highest quality ingredients including fresh local produce, and where possible they purchase their ingredients directly from farmers and locals.

Each of these fresh treats is friendly for almost any diet. None of the iceblocks contain dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, colours or preservatives, making them a healthy choice for most people with food allergies or special dietary restrictions.

Taste tomatoes as they were hundreds of years ago

on Friday, 13 February 2015.

Farmer and Sun


Farmer-and-SunFarmer and Sun, recently awarded Business of the Year by the Gympie Chamber of Commerce, has big plans for their family farming business. Steve and Trina Waugh, along with their daughter and son, Sharla and Layton, have been farming for generations. The youngest Waughs are fourth generation farmers on both sides of the family, and their parents share a combined 62 years of experience.

This busy family, who already runs two farming properties and a fruit and vegetable shop in Gympie, has plans to open a natural café adjacent to their current shop. The café will focus on natural foods, with made-from-scratch menu items that use local produce.

Perfect pineapples grown with 60 years of expertise

on Friday, 13 February 2015.

Hilltop Pines


Keith Mckay Hilltop PinesKeith McKay from Hilltop Pines, Imbil, is a third generation farmer who has a few secrets up his sleeve for growing the perfect pineapples. Considered by some to be the sweetest pineapples in the country, Keith says the secret is knowing when to pick them. If picked too early, the fruit becomes ripe off of the tree instead of on it, and as a result, it loses most of its sweet, flavorful punch. In fact, he refuses to sell his pineapples until they are just right.

Sowing his first crop of corn at the age of 14, Keith now has 60 years of farming experience under his belt, alongside the wealth of knowledge that has been passed down among each generation.


Unearth Noosa’s freshest produce

on Thursday, 22 January 2015.


noosa-food-etrail-transparentcircleFOODIES looking for something new to do over summer are in for a treat with the launch of the new Noosa Food eTrail.

Designed to be a guide to food unique experiences in Noosa, the new website allows firsthand discovery of Noosa’s dynamic food offerings.

Listed on the site are opportunities to go fruit picking, book farm tours, visit producer retail outlets, and find cooking schools, markets and events.

Putting local farmers on the map

on Tuesday, 13 May 2014.


Farmers and producers are invited to submit their business details for inclusion on the new Noosa Food Trail website being launched shortly.

The website is designed be the definitive guide to the Noosa region’s diverse food and beverage offerings and an introduction to the Sunshine Coast and Cooloola’s wider offerings including farm visits (for example fruit picking and tours), retail, events and cooking schools along with a comprehensive directory of all farmers and producers.


Organic Meat

on Tuesday, 31 May 2011.

Organic Meat

Organic farming often refers to the non-use of chemicals and pesticides in plant food production, using natural soil nutrients and mulches.  However, a major part of the farming industry is animal farming and the production of meat and meat products, so how do we know if meat is organic?  What are the benefits of eating organic meat and why should we indeed choose organic meat as part of our everyday diet?

Delicious Winter Stew

on Tuesday, 24 May 2011.

Delicious Winter Stew

Delicious Winter Stew!

“A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy”.   Wikipedia

No matter what stew you choose, a delicious rich tasting stew, filled with fresh vegetables, slow cooked meat and fresh herbs, is the perfect way to fill up and keep warm on a cool winters night!  We have sourced the tastiest, most flavoursome, nutrition filled stew on the planet and we are willing to share our secret, enjoy!


on Wednesday, 18 May 2011.


Grapefruit and All Its Glory

Despite the word “grape” in its name, you won’t find grapefruit growing on a vine. Grapefruit is a juicy citrus fruit and it is thought that it was originally from the West Indies, a cross between the pomelo and the orange.

Grapefruit are said to have a slightly sour, but very pleasant, taste. They are almost round, often with a flat bottom and a slightly tapering neck.  They are normally, thin-skinned and yellow, but some do come in red and red-blushed colours.  Inside, grapefruits are divided into distinct segments by thin, white membranes which radiate from the centre like wheel spokes.  The fruits very pale yellow flesh comprises hundreds of small translucent juice sacs.  Some varieties are seedless and others have reddish-orange flesh.

Solar Power

on Wednesday, 11 May 2011.

Solar Power Loves the Queensland Sun

 The clean energy recently listed the top 20 Australian suburbs with the highest saturation of solar powered homes, and guess what.......?  Of the 20 suburbs listed nearly 50% are in Queensland!  Not only are we proud of our sunshine and year round beautiful weather, it seems we are putting it to good use and helping to save the environment.

The Truffle is Coming

on Tuesday, 03 May 2011.

Truffles are a fungus!  In fact literally they are a fungus root that grows under the ground as a result of the roots of particular trees (for example oaks and hazelnuts) being infected with the appropriate fungus.   


While they were originally confined to the wild, the past century has seen considerable research, particularly in France, into developing the capability of cultivating them as a domestic crop.  The truffles form in late summer and slowly mature during autumn and are ready to harvest in winter.  They can be found breaking the surface of the ground or down to 200 millimetres deep and are best located by a trained dog, from the aroma they emit when ripening.

Hello Honey

on Wednesday, 27 April 2011.

Hello Honey

Hello Honey!

The honeybee has a delicate body, a short life and many enemies in the world, and yet is not phased and continues to be one of the most amazing creatures on earth.  Every day the honeybee goes about her business collecting nectar and pollen from the flowers and taking it back to the hive so that future generations of bees can survive.  And of course so we can enjoy the beautiful honey the bees produce, only they don’t realise that is one of the purposes of their actions!   The bee is willing to die to defend the hive, a very dedicated animal.

The Power of the Pomegranate

on Tuesday, 19 April 2011.

The Power of the Pomegranate

The Power of the Pomegranate


The pomegranate is an orange sized fruit with a tough reddish skin, the inner flesh is gelatinous and contains many seeds.  Pomegranate trees live for many years and produce many fruits.  The pomegranate tree is also an attractive tree that bears white and red flowers.  Once a pomegranate tree is planted, its fruit begins to develop after approximately one year.

Apples and Pears

on Tuesday, 12 April 2011. Posted in Organic Living

Apples and Pears

Apples and Pears


Australia is a major producer and exporter of quality apples and pears, and is the official home of the famous Pink Lady red apple variety.  Being a remote island nation, with extremely strict custom laws regarding bringing food in to the country, Australia is free of many of the pests and diseases that plague other international producers.  Australian apples and pears meet the rigorous quality and food safety standards of even the strictest customers.

Our prime position in the Southern Hemisphere, means as Australia we are well placed to provide retail seasonal fruit to complement northern producers and help keep consumers supplied year round.

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