A Swiss dream becomes a local reality for Maleny Cheese

on Thursday, 10 March 2016.

Maleny Cheese

Maleny CheeseMarkus Bucher was the first in his family to learn cheese making in Switzerland. Now a Master Cheese Maker, he is following his dream of wanting to start up his own factory. Melany Cheese, the family’s business, began in 2004 and prides itself on ensuring the quality of their dairy products from start to finish. The milk used for the cheese comes only from Maleny Farms, where four cows and one buffalo are supplying the factory.

Sara, Markus’s wife who was once a registered nurse, now works with the Dairy Farm as well as Maleny Cheese. What was once just a family dream has become an award winning adventure, with their well known locally made products such as Club Cheddars, Buffalo Cheeses along with Feta Cheeses in flavours like sundried tomato and olive and the local favourite Herb and Garlic. Most popular among customers, however, are their famous yoghurts. The Maleny Gourmet Yoghurt is a sweet, Greek style and comes in many flavors such as Mango, Mixed Berry, Passionfruit, Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Ginger, Muesli and Chocolate. Their unsweetened yoghurts are also a hit among customers, and each product is made with the Maleny Farm’s milk.

If you’re curious about how the Maleny products are made, straight from the cow’s milk to the cheese making process, to the table, you can even visit their factory on Clifford Street in Balmoral Ridge, where you can also sample their delightful creations. In an age when most of the milk seen in stores is brought up from mass producers in Victoria, the family takes pride in keeping things local in Queensland. At one point, Queensland had over 2000 dairy farms, and today it has less than 200. “It’s about securing the milk supply and keeping our milk local and fresh,” the family stated. They hope that by leading by example, they can help Queensland once again provide fresh, local, dairy to its residents.

Maleny Cheese may be found at the Kawana Waters Farmers’ Market, where a direct purchaser helps them distribute while they focus on farm operation.


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