Apples and Pears

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Apples and Pears


Australia is a major producer and exporter of quality apples and pears, and is the official home of the famous Pink Lady red apple variety.  Being a remote island nation, with extremely strict custom laws regarding bringing food in to the country, Australia is free of many of the pests and diseases that plague other international producers.  Australian apples and pears meet the rigorous quality and food safety standards of even the strictest customers.

Our prime position in the Southern Hemisphere, means as Australia we are well placed to provide retail seasonal fruit to complement northern producers and help keep consumers supplied year round.

The first of the year’s apple production in Australia starts in February right here in our very own Queensland region, around Stanthorpe in the Southern corner.  Further south apples are grown around Bilpin, Orange and Batlow in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales.  The fertile soils, cool winter nights and irrigation systems in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley around Shepparton gives that area ideal apple growing conditions.  Goulburn Valley is Australia's largest producing region of apples and pears, generally producing more than 30 per cent of the nation's apples and close to 90 per cent of the nation's pears.

Tasmania has had a long history of apple production in its famously pristine climate and the moist south west of Western Australia are also important apple producing regions.  Australian apples and pears are also grown in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, completing a diverse spread of production across the whole country, that maintains a longer period of supply. 

The main apple varieties grown traditionally in Australia have been Red Delicious and Granny Smith. However, newer varieties such as Gala, Fuji, Cripps Pink (which may be sold using the trademark brand name Pink Lady) and Cripps Red (which may be sold using the trademark brand name Sundowner) now account for more than 40 per cent of production.

Australia produces around 0.8 per cent of world production of apples and 1.4 per cent of world pear production.

Mid Autumn, flowing in to winter is a great period in this country for apples and pears, there are lots of varieties available right throughout winter and in to spring.  Traditionally pears are available for a longer period of time in Australia and a variety such as Packhams Pears are in fact grown and available fresh from March right through to December.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics produced results from a survey in 2008 stating that year Queensland was the third largest producer of apples in Australia, pretty impressive seeing as though we really only have one major apple growing region in the state!  Producing 35,486 tonnes of apples in 2008, this figure is estimated to have grown further still since that date.  We obviously grow them well!

Interesting Facts about Apples and Pears

  • Apples float because 25% of their volume is air
  • One medium apple contains about 80 calories
  • China is the biggest producer of apples
  • Apple trees don’t bear their first fruit until they are 4 or 5 years old
  • There are more than 7500 varieties of apples grown throughout the world
  • Italy is the biggest producer of pears
  • Pear trees can produce fruit for up to 100 years


Interesting hey!  Apples and Pears are such versatile fruits and can be enjoyed in savoury dishes such as roast pork, sweet dishes and dessert pies, in sauces, in juices and drinks and so much more!








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