Arama Mushrooms bring worldwide expertise to the taste buds

on Monday, 03 August 2015.

Arama Mushrooms

Arama-MushroomsArama Mushrooms came to Australia on a serious mission to farm. Their first move to the country was in the Barossa wine region, just after escaping disaster in South Africa. For 30 years, Charles and Bernadette Benade had been working on a mushroom farm started from scratch in the Stellen Bosch wine region, where they provided around 20 tons of mushrooms per week to the Cape Town area. As they were selling to large chains such as Pick and Pay, their beautiful farm came to a quick end with an aggressive armed hold up on their land.

Now that the family has settled into Australia, they have migrated to a new location. The once neglected farm, which they purchased on the Sunshine Coast now produces mushrooms daily for their boutique operations, and their delightful mushrooms can now only be found at places like farmers’ markets. In fact, they are the only mushroom farmer who sells directly to the public across the entire Sunshine Coast area.

Their now 44 years of experience has provided them with the expertise they need to get it right for locals. They pick daily, along with hired pickers, since mushrooms can double in size just in a day, and they continue educating themselves to get better with each pick. Charles was the chairman of the Mushroom Growers Association while in South Africa, and the family regularly travelled worldwide to growing regions, such as Holland, to meet with leaders.

These delightful mushrooms, Button, Field and Swiss Brown Portobello, are picked with the goal to have them in customer hands within 24 hours, so customers always get the freshest pick possible.

Visit Arama Mushrooms at the Noosa and Kawana Waters Farmers’ Market, where Bernadette personally sells direct to the public.

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