Century old farm with eco-friendly practices

on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

Iventure Orchards

Iventure-tractorWhen you stop in for some freshly crushed Apple and Ginger Juice straight off the farm from Iventure Orchards, you’ll immediately know this isn’t just any farm. A family operated business with over five generations invested, their pride is in how they care for their produce, and the environment that surrounds it. Shane Halloran, who owns the farm with his wife, takes pride in the fact that his father practiced water and ground preservation techniques even during his farming days. Their practices ensure that none of their product is wasted, so the savings get passed to both the environment, and the customer. “Waste fruit and vegetable is fed to our own free range pigs, cattle and poultry, so nothing is thrown out,” Shane stated.

Best of all for many customers, favourite crops like strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, beans and many others are grown pesticide and chemical fertiliser free. Chemicals are only used on a select number of crops and only when absolutely necessary. They also take care to preserve rare species of native plants on their property, and the family has even replanted thousands of native trees.

So when you bite into a mouthwatering crunchy new season unwaxed apple, or take a cool sip of delectable, freshly crushed apple and ginger juice from Iventure Orchards, you’ll taste the natural difference. Using as little intervention as possible in farming processes and selling directly to the customer are two of the ways they seek to be anything but “just another farm.” With almost all of their produce being self-retailed, customers have the advantage of getting what the supermarkets can’t. To see what they have fresh off the trees just for their customers, visit Iventure Orchards at the Noosa Farmers’ Market for a sample.


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