Community Veggie Gardens

on Monday, 15 November 2010. Posted in Organic Living

It sounds like fun but what are they?

Community Veggie Gardens


A community veggie garden is a communal garden that teaches people how to grow their own fruit and vegetables using environmental friendly techniques, such as organically growing food without the use of chemicals, water conservation and companion planting.   Members join a local garden community and take part in growing events, attend teaching classes and gardening workshops, take part in family activity days and most importantly have fun and enjoy great food.

 What do they aim to do?

A community veggie garden initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability, social equity, community spirit, cultural diversity and a sharing of knowledge and gardening expertise.  Locals come together to help each other grow quality organic produce and learn about sustainable living.  Many community veggie gardens donate their fresh produce to local charity organisations to assist in ensuring a good balanced diet to those in need.


Why get involved?

  • Understanding good food, leads to good health
  • Growing your own organic fruit and veggies is fun and rewarding
  • For a new learning experience
  • To become part of a community of people who care about the environment
  • To make a difference
  • To promote sustainable horticulture of food and native plants
  • It’s a great way to exercise
  • To help provide good quality food for people in need
  • To start kids off with a positive mind set towards healthy living


How much does it cost?

Community Veggie Gardens are run by volunteers who offer their time to the community for free.  To cover costs of plants and veggies there is usually a small annual membership fee, plus extra minimal costs for specialist workshops.


Some local veggie gardens to check out

  • Veggie Village Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast

  • Vera Street Community Gardens Inc. Toowong


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