Country’s leading vinegar maker

on Thursday, 19 March 2015.


Product-ChardIt isn’t easy to combine ecofriendly practices with ancient traditions, but LiraH works daily with the delicate balance. Artisan Vinegar Maker, Ian Henderson, works with his team on their 70 acre farm that “is considered a second home,” by employees. “We eat, cook, share our passion for food and just happen to make great vinegar,” Ian stated about the factory that is also their home in rural Queensland.

Because the company is 100% Australian owned and operated, they seek to educate consumers on the many uses of the ancient ingredient that many may not know. After all, it is only within the past 20 years or so that Australia has come to love Olive Oil, so freshly made local vinegar isn’t exactly common. LiraH goes the extra mile by providing flavors and options that are now exported across the world. Australian Made Sherry vinegar, Balsamic vinegar with no added caramel colours and even allergen free and gluten free vinegars are just a few of the innovative delights that have led to the company’s success since its humble beginnings of just four barrels in 2005. Even though business has grown, they take special care to ensure that their 70 acre farm remains sustainable. “Nothing is done to the land that would affect our home, business or our precious family,” Ian boasts.

Ian received his training in Europe through the Churchill Fellowship, and the company has continued to expand on its original 40 year old starter culture of vinegar from his father-in-law.

You can stop in for a free tasting of this ancient delight at their stall at Noosa Farmers’ Market, which is between Iventure Orchards and Eco Nuts Australia (at the southern end of the market).

You can find more information about their products at their website,




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