Foodie family returns home to give back and promote local markets

on Thursday, 10 March 2016.

Chocolate Provisions

Chocolate ProvisionsWhen Jaclyn Treloar and Nathan Hoeksema backpacked through Europe they did a few things differently than regular tourists. Instead of spending time in lavish hotels, they camped in a one man tent. "We could use all of our pennies for eating" Jaclyn said with a smile. The food markets of Europe, in particular Italy, satisfied their ever expanding taste buds. They then settled in London and worked at the popular River Cafe, where the famous Jamie Oliver was discovered.

After two years at what was a dream job they had to return home. Soon they landed the jobs of Head Chef and Restaurant manager at Stefano de Pieris flagship restaurant 'Stefanos' in Victoria for three years, over their time there the restaurant was awarded three chefs hats and Victorian restaurant of the year. Following on from this Nathan was offered the position of Head Chef at Jamie Olivers Fifteen Restaurant in Melbourne. During his time there the couple welcomed their first child so the late night life of a chef no longer appealed to Nathan. Home, the Sunshine Coast, was calling.

They had been searching for a place where they could have a successful small business selling wholesome food that they enjoyed. Not only did they want to make sure they supported their community by using as many local and organic ingredients as possible, but they also wanted to create unique tasty gluten free options. "...and the local farmers'markets was the best way to showcase our passion".

The result was Chocolate Provisions, with delicious gluten free cakes, brownies, cookies and gluten free bread made with the best ingredients they could find. Their focus is on organic where possible but also locally sourced and seasonally based.

"We produce everything ourselves on a small scale. We use organic eggs we collect from the markets along with seasonal produce from other stalls, fruits, vegetables and herbs," the family stated. "Seven years and two more children later, we are still making the early morning trek to the markets to pass on our goodies to a loyal following."

Some of their most popular items include their gluten free cakes and brownies, wholesome tasty hommus, grain free bread, gluten free carrot cake and an unbeatable chocolate beetroot cake. Their focus is on gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free and even some vegan and raw options, so not only is their entire community supported, but hopefully their entire community can enjoy their chocolate delights guilt free as well.

To try some of their delicious foods that are sure to delight even the pickiest of taste buds, visit them on Saturdays at the Kawana Waters Farmers’ Market. Because they operate solely from the markets, it’s the only spot you can find the guilt free delights from Chocolate Provisions.


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