Grow Your Own Herb Garden

on Thursday, 02 December 2010. Posted in Organic Living

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Growing your own herb garden is simple and fun. These versatile little plants can be used in cooking, for medicinal purposes, for skincare, in drinks and as decoration, to name just a few of their many uses.  There are so many different herbs to choose from, so where do you start, which herbs should you grow and how do you grow them?  We have put together an easy to follow guide to 5 different herbs, their uses and how to grow them successfully.  It’s a great place to start. 

1.      Basil is a favourite culinary herb.  The main ingredient in pesto, finely chopped the leaves of this little beauty will add a delicious flavour to any dish.  Fresh basil has a peppery, spicy aroma, the scent however is quickly lost when this herb is dried.  Planting basil near tomatoes will enhance its flavour.  You can start basil off in small pots and transplant to garden when true leaves are showing.  Likes full sun and rich well drained soil.

2.      Chamomile is one of the best loved healing herbs.  If you add chamomile to a bath it helps to relieve itchy or irritated skin and aching muscles.  Chamomile tea is a delicious drink that is often consumed for stomach upsets or relief of hangovers!  Chamomile gives off an apple-like aroma and is often grown around paths and garden benches.  Seeds are tiny and are best started off in pots.  Plant this herb all over your garden for healthier plants all round.  Likes full sun and light dry soil.

3.      Parsley adds a rich European flavour to stews, soups, vegetables and salads.  Parsley is high in vitamin A and C so is delicious and good for you!  This herb is also a natural breath freshener so is often served with garlic dishes.  Parsley is very easy to grow either in your garden or in pots.  Likes full sun to partial shade and moist well-drained soil.

4.      Lavender exudes the most delicate, beautiful fragrance.  Grown in your garden, lavender will not only fill the air with a fine scent, its purple flowers will also add stunning colour to your surroundings.  Dried, lavender still holds its distinctive, beautiful aroma and is popular for use in potpourris, perfumes and sachets.  Lavender is also a stunning herb for decorative purposes, and tied in to small bunches will brighten up any room.  Likes full sun and light, well drained soil.

5.     Mint is one of the most famous and widely used flavours in the world.  In cooking mint is often used as an accompaniment to lamb, chopped to make sauce or mixed in to tea.  Its vapours are used to help clear sinuses and it’s taste often lends itself well to sweet dessert dishes and cocktails.  Mint grows well in pots, but once planted in your garden often needs to be contained, so space plants at least 3 feet apart.  Likes full sun and rich moisture retaining soil.

 Start your own herb garden today!


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