Local family escapes to nature to make Australia the zestiest place on Earth

on Thursday, 10 March 2016.

Sunshinecoast Limes

Suncoast LimesAt the foothills of the majestic Mt. Boulder National Park, lies a tranquil escape from city life, with pure mountain springs and rich sandy soil that enrich lush green lime trees lining the property. “It’s all about the lifestyle,” the owners of Suncoast Limes say. “We came from the city and moved out of Brisbane to escape the hustle and bustle.”

The family loves the freedom their children now have outside the city, and Linda says it’s beautiful that they’re so free, they don’t realise any other upbringing exists. They even help on the family farm along with their parents, and Linda says it’s a lifestyle for which she always longed. The family has also always had a longing to give back to their community, and Suncoast Limes allows them to do just that, particularly by ensuring sustainable practices for future generations.

“We have lots of innovations.  We started creating value-add products to reduce wastage as we were dumping tons of limes in the first few months of every year, because the price dropped so much after Christmas that it wasn’t worth picking,” the family said. They also use integrated pest management such as bugs for bugs to reduce chemical use on the farm, and market customers know the produce is fresh, handpicked and selected within the last 48 hours, and unwaxed. The certified commercial kitchen on the property helps Suncoast Limes produce some of the best lime products in the country, one of which is the only product of its kind in the world: Lime Zest.

“Over the last few years we got together with an American company and have developed the world’s first lime zester. It can zest 40 kg of limes per hour. It is uniquely specialised, as it only takes the very first layer off the lime (with no pith which gives the bitter taste),” the family stated. Restaurants and customers alike have fallen in love with the popular product, and now Suncoast supplies to some of Australia’s largest retailers, as well as directly to the consumer and to small businesses.  

You can find some of their products for sale at the local Noosa Farmer’s Market this Sunday. They regularly produce drinks, cordials, juice, salts, icy poles, and of course their famous zest. Because limes are produced most of the year, especially on fertile ground with healthy rainfall, their product selection is available most of the year, with prices fluctuating based on the season.


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