Local orange grove thrives on family tradition and customer loyalty

on Monday, 30 May 2016.

Gympie Oranges

Noosa RedsGympie Oranges, family owned and operated by Les and Fran Millard, have been in the business of supplying the local Noosa farmers market with their lusciously fresh and juicy navel oranges for over 10 years. Through three generations of Millard boys, the Gympie Orange business continues to grow. Passed down from his father, Les Millard and his wife, Fran, decided to step aside from the family business, handing off operations to their son and daughter in-law, Andrew and Rebecca Millard, to allow for more focus on their cattle and caravanning.

Their son, Andrew, had the honour and privilege to learn the value of a good business and to learn true, honest, hard work by growing up on the family farm. Today, when Andrew isn't working as a cabinet maker during the week, he leads from the example his parents set forth when he was just a young boy. When Andrew first learned to walk, he could be found out on the farm, helping grow small crops. Andrew's responsibilities have grown, and he now leads in maintaining the Gympie Orange Orchard throughout the year. When orange season is booming, both Andrew and Rebecca pick, pack, and market the oranges, all the while passing on the family tradition by teaching their two young boys, ages 3 and 4, all about hard work and about life on the farm.
Gympie Oranges have built a fabulous reputation over the years for providing the Noosa Farmers’ Market with the best and freshest oranges that Noosa has to offer. Only sold fresh, Gympie oranges are picked on Fridays and sold on Sundays, with 80% to 90% of their product being sold to repeat customers. Catch them at the market during orange season which runs through until early September.


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