Maleny Dairies is rich in flavour and family history

on Wednesday, 29 July 2015.

Maleny Dairies

Maleny-DairiesToday, there aren’t many Guernsey Farms left, but Maleny Dairies prides itself on its cattle, history and family. Guernsey, the breed of cattle that produces rich, flavourful milk, is well tempered and produces high quality milk with more protein and butterfat than other cattle. The milk has more cream, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and up to 15% more calcium than milk from other dairy cows. This means the flavour and quality found at Maleny is certainly something worth hanging onto and passing down for generations.

Ross Hopper has been around farming his entire life, and the family running Maleny Dairies has grown quite a bit throughout the generations. Sally, his wife, is now owns Maleny Dairies factory with Ross. Before food makes it to the factory, Ross’s brother and sister-in-law run the farming operations that produce it. A brother of Ross’s sister-in-law is the general manager, while his wife does the accounting. Sally’s aunt works in the office, and even the tour guide is Sally’s sister.

Ross and his brother are both third generation farmers, and the farmland has been in the family since 1948, with the factory added later. The old original farmhouse is still lovingly occupied by Ross’s father. The farm and factory host an estimated 20,000 people annually for tours. Onsite, there’s a café with a range of local products including award winning ice cream.

The family cooperates to provide pasteurised only milk, which means none of the cream is taken out such as during standardisation of other brands. They also have agreements with Maleny Cheese who uses the quality milk, and they work with companies like Eumundi Milk and Cooloola Milk to solve undersupply and oversupply issues.  

In fact, the Maleny Dairy family is so passionate about localising the milk industry on the Sunshine Coast that they also collaborate with every local dairy farm in Maleny. Previously these local dairies supplied the large international brands National Foods and Parmalat, so achieving this goal was a major win for locals and the dairy industry. Now when you purchase a Maleny Dairy product, you are supporting all local farmers in the region, not just one.

Using this locally sourced raw milk, Maleny Dairy then make award winning dairy products onsite at their factory including:

  • Yogurt, in flavours of Apricot, Strawberry and Natural.
  • Custard.   
  • Milk, in variations of pasteurised only, low fat, full cream homogenised pasteurised, and three flavours.

Be sure to stop in and try some of the Maleny Dairy products, available at the Maleny Cheese stall at the Noosa Farmers’ Market. Ttry their newly launched line of 350 and 210 gram yoghurts available in flavours of apricot, strawberry and natural.

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