One of the area’s oldest olive groves

on Thursday, 19 March 2015.

Fat Hen Farm

Fat-HenOwners of Fat Hen Farm, Alan and Bronwyn Wood, are passionate about the health benefits that olive oil is shown scientifically to offer. With benefits for the body inside and out, the oil produced at Fat Hen is also used in their skin care products. For the Wood family, moving from Sydney to their rural olive haven in Kilkivan was a decision beneficial for the business, family and health.

The family says they’ve never looked back. With their children helping on school holidays, their love for family, good food and a green lifestyle harmonises on the banks of Fat Hen Creek. Everything is grown with health in mind with no chemicals, preservatives, additives, artificial colours or flavours. Whether you’re sampling a fresh Manzanillo table olive, trying some robust olive oil or pampering your skin with a new, natural take on an age old remedy, you’ll know the products are pure.

As a sufferer from eczema, Bronwyn understands how difficult finding natural skin care products can be. This led to the creation of Olive Skin Food, which is chemical free and 100% plant based. Because olive oil has such a long documented history of health benefits, the Wood family believes that its infused olive oils, as well as its extra virgin varieties, benefit the body from the inside out. Though olives are seasonal, Fat Hen Farm is still able to offer its products any time of the year.

To see what you’ve been missing, stop in to the Fat Hen Farm stall at the Noosa Farmers’ Market to sample delicious olive oil and straight-from-the-earth skin care products.

You can find more information about their products at their website,


Alan and Bronwyn in olive grove  Alan-and-Bronwyn-and-family


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