Smart farming leads to revival of a local tomato farm

on Tuesday, 03 May 2016.

Noosa Reds Tomatoes

Noosa RedsPeter Seghers, owner of Noosa Reds Tomatoes, has been farming for 35 years, and is the third generation in his family to farm. Early on, he learned that techniques for reducing product waste were key to a sustainable farm. With a degree in biotechnology, Seghers also understands the importance of eating healthy, quality foods, which is why everything on his farm is chemical free.

To ensure locals have access to high quality foods, he keeps his prices affordable by eliminating the middle man, and selling straight to the consumer at markets, while still supplying restaurants with delicious, healthy produce. Because all tomatoes are picked freshly the day before market, customers always know their product is as fresh as possible. Any leftover tomatoes are used to make delicious chutney, jams and sauces, so every plump, ripe, tomato is able to be enjoyed.

Because they have steadily kept up with increasing demand, they now produce tomatoes as their sole crop, for production during all seasons of the year. Before Seghers owned the farm, it was just a small greenhouse whose grower sold seasonal products such as lettuce, herbs, and of course, tomatoes. A new owner prior to Seghers expanded the greenhouse for more production, and demand began to increase from restaurants.

As Seghers took over, it slowly became a specialised farm with tomatoes now known far beyond the Queensland border. “In keeping the quality and flavour high, we have no plans to expand in more production because that could lead to loss in quality,” he stated, noting that the farm is now able to produce products year round and in high quality, meeting demand for both quantity and high customer expectations.

Available now are Mini Roma, Yellow Plum, Black and Round tomatoes. Noosa Reds Tomatoes can be found at both Kawana and Noosa Farmers’ Markets.


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