Start a Vegetable Patch This Autumn

on Wednesday, 16 March 2011.

Start Your Own Vegetable Patch This Autumn


This is a beautiful time of year in Queensland, lovely warm and dry sunny days, with cooler nights, so why not engage in a fun and rewarding activity with the kids and start your very own Vegetable Patch now!


Teach the kids about nature, horticulture, healthy eating and so much more as you explore the world of growing your own fresh vegetables.  Then delight with them as you eat what you have grown! 


So what vegetables are good to plant in Queensland’s subtropical climate (in frost free areas) in March?  What seeds should you start with to ensure a successful veggie patch for you to enjoy?  We have put together a sample list of suggestions to get you started and a suggested harvest time so you can plan and grow:-


Harvest Time






From June

Plant in garden


From June

Plant in garden


From June

Plant in garden








From June

Plant in garden or if you are limited for space try pots








From June

Plant in garden


From August

Start undercover in seed trays, plant out in 4-6 weeks


From July

Plant late March, early April.  Transplant seedlings


From July

Plant in garden


Some helpful tips to make your vegetable garden delicious!


  • Use animal manure in the soil, it adds nutrients, it is full of bacteria and other beneficial nutrients.  Either dig the manure in to the soil, or spread over the top like a mulch
  • The recent rains will have depleted soils of nutrients, especially the more soluble ones, replenish soils before autumn planting
  • Give your veggies at least six hours of direct sunlight a day
  • Veggies need daily watering and well-drained soil
  • Check the plant label for best spacing
  • Control pests such as snails and slugs.  They are rather fond of veggies!
  • Use a liquid food every fortnight
  • Love and care for your veggie patch.  Visit it daily, look after it and it will look after you!

Have fun!


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