Taste tomatoes as they were hundreds of years ago

on Friday, 13 February 2015.

Farmer and Sun


Farmer-and-SunFarmer and Sun, recently awarded Business of the Year by the Gympie Chamber of Commerce, has big plans for their family farming business. Steve and Trina Waugh, along with their daughter and son, Sharla and Layton, have been farming for generations. The youngest Waughs are fourth generation farmers on both sides of the family, and their parents share a combined 62 years of experience.

This busy family, who already runs two farming properties and a fruit and vegetable shop in Gympie, has plans to open a natural café adjacent to their current shop. The café will focus on natural foods, with made-from-scratch menu items that use local produce.

The family takes pride in the unique freshness of their produce, some of which are grown from seeds from four generations ago! In fact, when you taste an heirloom tomato from the Waugh Farm, you’ll be tasting exactly what was tasted hundreds of years ago. If you’ve tasted a tomato dish from the popular Hastings Street Locale or Barado’s restaurants, it was likely an heirloom tomato grown from Waugh family seeds.

Steve takes a special pride in the beans grown on the family farm. He has farmed since the young age of only 14, and has been perfecting the art of bean growing ever since. The family grow 60 different varieties of vegetables during the winter season and year-round grow zucchinis, squash, beetroot, corn and pumpkin. Their farming methods, though not organic, are a reflection of the family’s dedication to healthy food. They use as few chemicals as possible, and allow mulch and discard from previous crops to keep the soil rich with nutrients.

Drop into their stall at the northern end of the Noosa Farmers’ Market to find the summer farm direct produce from the Waugh’s farm including zucchini, beans, tomatoes, mangoes, corn, pumpkin and watermelons.

Visit the Farmer and Sun Facebook page here

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