The Importance of Buying Local

on Thursday, 13 January 2011. Posted in Organic Living

The Importance of Buying Local

The Importance of Buying Local


There is no doubt about it, buying organic is better for the environment, but there is a twist!!!!


Organic farming does not use pesticides and other harmful chemicals in its production, that is true, companion planting is beneficial to the soil and attracts local wildlife, for sure, but we need to ask ourselves what harm is done to the environment when the produce is transported?  Think about the carbon emissions released in to the air as our favourite products are shipped in from interstate and overseas.  If we can reduce these emissions the long term prognosis for the environment is positive.  And we can all play our part, every little effort helps, making the importance of buying local produce a fantastic step forward for the future.


The Noosa Farmers Market showcases many local businesses each week, you are buying direct from the supplier.  Not only does this reduce the harmful effects of mass transportation, it also gives you, the consumer, the added advantage of actually meeting the person who grows your food, or makes your skincare product for example.  Now you don’t get that at the supermarket!  You can talk to local farmers about exactly how they grow or make their food, what additives, if any, are actually used, how is the food handled, what processes does it go through from growing to consumption.  Not only is it interesting to find out the facts, it is a great learning opportunity for kids, to teach them about what they are eating and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.   


If you can walk or take public transport to your local Market, even better, you will then be further helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  But don’t forget, by buying only products which are grown and produced locally you will also be helping to boost the local economy and support local business.  Spending your money with local farmers and produce growers, who have invested in the community, will help in building your local economy, and in turn help to build a strong base in your town for jobs and revenue.


Head on down to the Noosa Farmers Market every Sunday from 7am and support your local Farmers and Produce Growers.  It’s good for you and the environment!








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