Unearth Noosa’s freshest produce

on Thursday, 22 January 2015.


noosa-food-etrail-transparentcircleFOODIES looking for something new to do over summer are in for a treat with the launch of the new Noosa Food eTrail.

Designed to be a guide to food unique experiences in Noosa, the new www.noosafoodtrail.com.au website allows firsthand discovery of Noosa’s dynamic food offerings.

Listed on the site are opportunities to go fruit picking, book farm tours, visit producer retail outlets, and find cooking schools, markets and events.

The site contains direct contacts for local farmers and producers, including those not open to the puplic for the purpose of capturing further revenue opportunties for farmers including wholesale.

Exploring Noosa’s growing region, which spans from the Sunshine Coast to Gympie, includes adventures across a stunning landscape and pockets of micro climates which allow a wide variety of foods to be grown. Growing both tropical and temperate foods, the Noosa region is recognised as one of the few places in the country, and even the world, to offer such a wide range.

This latest initiative by the the award winning Noosa Farmers’ Market, delivers the region with an important networking tool to help customers in find what they are searching for.

Shane Stanley, owner of the Noosa Farmers’ Markets and the driving force behind the food trail, feels the new website will help farmers, locals, tourists, and the community at large all while boosting the economy.

“It’s vital that we build these local networks where farmers can connect directly with customers and retailers,” he said. “This is as it delivers over 50% of total revenue back to the local farmers and their community, when compared with centralised food systems like larger supermarket chains, where farmers receive just 10–20% of the total value.

“Considering that the Sunshine Coast agricultural sector is projected to be worth $3 billion in five years, capturing a larger piece of this pie for our farmers means we’ll be building a stonger local economy.”

Recognised for his efforts by Tourism Australia, Mr Stanley was crowned Food Ambassador for Queensland earlier this year as a part of their multi million dollar Restaurant Australia campaign. Recently returning from their gathering in Tasmania, Mr Stanley said that the tourism spotlight is shining strongly on Australian food.

“The Noosa Food eTrail assists the tourism sector by providing a tool for our regional visitors to discover firsthand the wonderful and exciting food experiences on offer throughout the Noosa region.

“Locals will also benefit from the site as it provides access to the region’s freshest and most nutritious food, mixed with some interesting holiday adventure ideas. For example why not take the family on a hands-on tour of our local dairy so the kids can learn where milk comes from, take a cheesemaking course or visit a local farm for fruit picking.

“The Federal Government’s new free trade agreements signed last year, mixed with the Sunshine Coast airport expansion project provide the potential for even bigger plans, so watch this space.”

Farmers and producers are welcome to join the trail a complimentary basis, by click the ‘Contact us’ link and providing full listing details.

Residents and visitors are invited to unearth Noosa’s freshest and finest produce this summer at www.noosafoodtrail.com.au



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