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Chai 200ml - Liquid Chai



Handcrafted and freshly brewed on The Sunshine Coast, Liquid Chai is an all-natural chai concentrate that delivers delicious, full spicy chai to you straight from the bottle. Lovingly created in liquid form for ease and convenience, our chai is sure to wow your senses with its aromatic flavours of whole spices, fresh ginger and organic black tea.
No sweeteners have been added to the mix and absolutely no nasties, naturally. Simply enjoy!

1. Shake well before use. 
Liquid Chai has no fillers, binders or emulsifiers keeping it 100% natural. However this means separation will occur.
2. Heat 200ml of plant based milk (we love ours with soy) to 15ml (2 capfuls) of Liquid Chai.
3. Add a teaspoon of honey 
or something sweet and stir for the perfect chai.