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Surfing Butterfly

Empowering Healthy People

Our vision is to empower people to re-connect to their inner self and own individual health so they can access the infinite possibilities and recover their wholeness.

We are passionate about living a heart-centered life through the virtue of elevated frequencies and natural solutions.

A journey to find an integral balance by living a lifestyle aligned with the laws of nature.

Surfing Butterfly, which means transforming gracefully in each wave of life, provides day-to-day experiences and insights that can show you that by thinking out of the box you can find the solution to a happier and more fulfilled life, by finding that balance between daily routine while enjoying improved values in life.

We pride ourselves on selecting the best suppliers, preferentially family businesses, to supply the herbs for our plant-based solutions. Drawing on a tight-knit network of ethical growers to bring us pure and responsibly sourced products, healthy for people and planet alike.


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