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Okay so what's this all for? We want to create a system that enables you 'the stall holder' to be able to manage your own listing, and any information that's used in the business directory system on our website.


When you become a Stall Holder at the Noosa Farmers Market, you receive your own basic online business page that can be found when you browse through the Business Directory section of our website. To improve the quality of content and to help keep all our information up-to-date, we have created a way for you to manage and update your own business pages.

With features for you to upload your company logo, information about your business, use links to your social media and website. You can upload images, show your business on a map and display contact details to potential customers.

This can be a very powerful system to promote your business online, but its only as good as the quality of the information you provide. The more attention and detail used on your profile listing page, the better chance of promoting your business online successfully.

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