Saya Skin care is a privately owned and operated luxurious and unique skin care line, built from the ground up by Saya McDermott. Saya Skin care originated in Noosa and has been producing organic products for ten years. Uniquely, Saya has been able to incorporate Australian Native Botanical extracts into their formulations, some of which are appearing for the first time in a skin care line. Because of their ingenuity and efforts, Saya Skincare is Australian certified, Organic Certified, Australian made, and cruelty free accredited.

Raised on family farms and with a shared partnership for their "Piggy in the Middle" business, cousins Dean and Mason Mayne have a great appreciation and understanding for land, animals and agriculture. The Mayne boys are passionately involved in every aspect of their family owned and operated business, with extended family always lending a helping hand with their generations of farming knowledge, including a weekly, motivational call from their grandfather to ensure that the boys are still working hard.

The Saya Skin care line features a wide range of products that were designed with your skin in mind. These products include: refreshing facial cleansers and toners, hydrating facial moisturizers, facial serums (with highly active anti-aging ingredients to give your skin results), facial oils, eye serums and creams, body polishes (that exfoliate and moisturize), body lotions, hand and body washes, body oils, shampoos and conditioners, and men's shaving creams. All of these fabulous products are featured at the Noosa Farmers Market.

From a healthcare prospective, nature organically provides the active ingredients needed to formulate skin care that harmoniously integrates with the complexities of your skin. Saya Skin care works hard to use only purely plant-based ingredients to create unique and advanced formulas, harnessing the power of organic Australian Native Botanicals. This helps obtain results that once were thought to only be achievable through synthetic ingredients. Created on the sunny shores of Noosa, Saya respects our beautiful environment, and stands firmly against animal testing while creating purely plant-based, organic skin care products for their consumers. Saya Skin care is further committed to producing the most superior, organic and luxe skin care products that are affordable for everyone.

To check out why customers keep returning for these fabulous skin care products, visit them at the Noosa Farmers’ Market, or visit their website at

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