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Shambhala Farm – it’s about creating community through food

Craig Hubbard, the co-founder and owner of Shambhala Farm, is a first generation farmer with a passion for food resilience. Craig has been farming since 2007. Early in his career, with then co-founder Jemma Edwards, Craig lived in a rammed-earth, solar powered property on the banks of the Mary River, where he made a living by selling wholefoods and freshly milled flour at local markets as Maleny Wholefoods. Craig was later given the honour of earning an apprenticeship with Jim Hunt, a renowned local organic farmer of 40 years, who shared and instilled the principles and practice of organic, sustainable farming that further helped Shambhala Farm become what it is today.

Raised on family farms and with a shared partnership for their "Piggy in the Middle" business, cousins Dean and Mason Mayne have a great appreciation and understanding for land, animals and agriculture. The Mayne boys are passionately involved in every aspect of their family owned and operated business, with extended family always lending a helping hand with their generations of farming knowledge, including a weekly, motivational call from their grandfather to ensure that the boys are still working hard.

Established in 2009 with inspiration to produce nutrient-rich produce, based on simple, wholesome, sustainable principles and methods, Craig made the move to Doonan in the Noosa Hinterland area, where Shambhala Farm would be later be formed.

Shambhala Farm has been built to be a dynamic food enterprise. Growing nutritious produce and operating a good hub of sustainable procedures, the farm thrives by providing fresh, wholesome and ethical food through their FarmBox home delivery service and farmers market stalls throughout the Sunshine Coast. Shambhala Farm works to serve, inspire, and educate its consumers and empower the local community. Their hub aims to support local people and the local economy by providing wholesome food from a diverse community of sustainable suppliers, as they strive to meet their communities’ fresh food needs by promoting vital health practices through healthy food and daily wholesome living. For Shambhala Farm, it's about growing community through food.

In January 2016, Shambhala Farm held their first Vital Health Challenge program, supporting participants to have a simple and grounded daily practice over a 14 day period. The Vital Health Challenge utilised Craig’s yoga teacher insights to provide guidance on enjoying daily green smoothies, breathing, inner reflection and super nutrition for healthy living.

Shambhala Farm produces luscious leafy greens such as kale, delectable Asian greens, crunchy and juicy lettuce. Vegetables include eggplant and beetroot, and the farm also produces herbs such as coriander, rosemary, and basil. These desirable treats can be found at their weekly stall at Noosa Farmers Markets.


Shambala Farm Shambala Farm - Parsnips, Radish Shambala Farm - Spouting

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