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8 April 2020

The Kawana and Noosa Farmers Markets will be open as usual this Easter weekend with continued emphasis on safety and comfort for customers. The authorities have made it clear that people should only be travelling on essential family business which includes the purchase of food, as a result the markets have continued to evolve to ensure that local consumers can access the sites easily and move around to buy from local farmers and producers in surroundings as safe or safer than any supermarket. 

The operator of the markets, Shane Stanley today hit out at reports where the media generalised in its reporting of the operation of farmers markets. “To suggest that all farmers markets are the same, is to also suggest that all supermarkets are the same, no one would put forward the view that if one outlet from one of the major brands was caught not complying, that all stores under that brand should be closed and the same applies to farmers markets. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that the Kawana and Noosa Farmers Markets are a safe and healthy place to shop.

“I am always mindful that the livelihoods of 175 local farmers and producers and around 1000 workers depend on us not just complying with the new regulations but exceeding them” Shane Stanley said

Already introduced is enhanced and more frequent cleaning, removal of tables and chairs, abolition of aisles within stalls, strict instructions to stall holders on the handling of products and money and the provision across the markets of hand sanitiser and hand washing stations. From this weekend customers will also notice:
 The markets spread over an even larger area providing greater distancing
 On ground line marking for queuing at stalls separating purchasing areas and walk through avenues
 Proactive staff on hand to help people with their social distancing

The Kawana and Noosa Farmers Markets play an essential role in supplying fresh, clean local food from the farmer to the plate.

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