Getting Started...

The registration process to get you setup and running is easy. We have provided step by step instructions on how to create an account and how to to link your business to it.

This is what you need to do...

  •   First, you need to create a user account to login on our website.
  •   Once you have created a new user account and activated it -
    by clicking the activation link in the email we have sent to your registered email address.
  •   Are you having problems finding the activation email? Be sure to check all junk/spam folders.
    If you have searched everywhere and can't find the activation email, contact us for assistance.

  •   Next, search for your business using the search form at the bottom of this page,
    once you have found your business listing and opened it.

  •   Once you have your business page open, look for the
    "Claim Business" link and then click 'Claim Business'.
  •  A dialog screen should appear and now you should be able to login using the account details that you created earlier. After you have entered your login details and logged-in, the dialog window may close and if so, just click the 'Claim Business' link again to return to where you were up to.

  •  Complete the claim business process - using your account to login,
    and also read and accept any terms and conditions.

  •   After your registration is approved by us, then you can use the menu
    in the right column of this page to login and see the private 'stall holder only' links.
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