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Eco Friendly Food

At Luvarlee you have the comfort of knowing that all meals are nutritionally approved by our in house Nutritionist, Monique. but also have a tasty flare brought to you by our well experienced Chef, Mikey.

We take majority of the time away from preparing and organising your meals. Although we make your life easier, we still need you to cook a little bit. We supply you with the 'hard part', protein and sauce. We encourage you to still get in the kitchen and finish off the meal by cooking our recommended sides (e.g. cooked rice or vegetables). Don't worry, you won't be spending hours in the kitchen!

At Luvarlee quality is everything to us. We stand by organic farming and believe in supporting the passionate farmers that are driven by sustainability of our environment and health. Our meals are frozen, they are made with the finest ingredients including organic chicken, organic herbs and spices, hormone free grass fed beef and lamb and organic chicken bone broth plus more delicious ingredients!



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