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Japanese fermentation big mother
“Koji” refers to cooked rice, barley, or soybeans with Koji fungi mixed in. These Koji are added to other ingredients in order to ferment them. Koji is used to make Miso, Sake, rice vinegar, Mirin, Soy sauce, etc. Without the Koji, Japanese cousin would be tasteless!
The benefits of eating Koji
Koji contains enzymes, which are very important for keeping our bodies running. While we can’t really eat Koji itself, we can eat the fermented foods it helps produce, which contain enzymes produced through fermentation, as well as lots of nutrients produced by those enzymes.
Koji is said to contain hundreds of different enzymes. Some of the main enzymes include amylase (breaks down starches), protease (breaks down proteins), and lipase (breaks down fats). These enzymes help break down the nutrients in the foods we eat, making it easier for our bodies to digest and absorb them.
Eating fermented foods helps our bodies more effectively gather high-quality nutrients from foods, and reduces the amount of work the digestive system has to do. Enzymes also help our bodies excrete toxins through sweat and urine, and help boost immunity. Eating foods made with Koji, which is rich in enzymes, helps keep our bodies healthy, and can even help keep us from getting sick.