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Greek Koftas - Sunny Coast Farms


Kofta is a very popular food in Morocco. It is seasoned ground meat and traditionally kofta is served along with a super sweet teapot of Moroccan mint tea.

culinary uses
served with
– Greek flatbreads – Herb salad (sabzi) – Caramelized onions – Pickled eggplant (Torshi Liteh) – Picked vegetables (Torshi shoor) – Couscous salad – Houmous
– Tzatziki – Stuffed vine leaves – Spicy Middle Eastern potatoes – Spinach and feta dip – Roasted squash with Middle Eastern spices

Lamb 99.2%, Cumen, Oregano, Garlic, Paprika, Parsley, White Pepper, Sea Salt, Onion