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Condiments - Cedar Creek Farm Bush Foods


Blueberry Jam: Packed with plump whole Hinterland blueberries. Spread on toast, spoon over ice-cream or make your own blueberry muffins

Fingerlime Marmalade: The intense flavour of the native finger limes bursts on your palate in this traditional style marmalade. Liven up your toast or scones or use as a marinade for poultry or pork.

Rosella Jam: Just like Grandma used to make with the sharp berry flavour that is always a favourite.

Pepperberry Jam: This very fruity but spicy jam is a wonderful accompaniment to game meats, beef and mature cheese.

Strawberry & Wattleseed Jam: A delicious combination of fresh local strawberries and richly flavoured roasted ground wattleseed