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Chilli Garlic Biltong


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Way back when, this was the first biltong flavour we created. It is our best seller – and rightly so! A good whack of garlic with a bit of heat towards the back end. Our chilli garlic flavour has been known to turn the “we-don’t-like-biltong” crowd into the crowd that makes that face when they realise their stance on biltong may have been wrong their whole life. You know the face.

No sweetness here, just savoury notes of black pepper, toasted coriander seed, dehydrated garlic and a good amount of heat from the crushed chilli flakes. We find the chilli garlic flavour biltong goes best with a cheeseboard or grazing table (and a few reds), but can be eaten as a solo snack or shared between good friends.

This is the “I should have bought more” one!