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Chilli Salt Biltong


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Welcome to our latest flavour and personal favourite, The Herd’s Chilli Salt Biltong.

If you’re not a big fan of garlic and love a bit of heat, this flavour is for you! We use the same chilli flakes as in our Chilli Garlic flavour but a lot more.

The Chilli Salt Biltong will take your taste buds on a wild ride. At first, you’ll taste the delicious combo of salt and grass fed beef, but then the chilli will sneak in and shake things up. This is where the real magic happens! The salt and chilli will make your mouth water and your nose run. It’s hot, but not so hot that you’ll regret it later. Just be warned, the more you eat, the hotter it gets!

It’s not stupidly spicy, we do not use reapers or any of those super hot chilli’s (we use dried birdseye’s), but if you’re up for a spicy adventure, give the Chilli Salt Biltong a try!